Back pain have become a very common issue among most of the individuals specially those who are getting involved in blue collar duties (manual labor force).  But this is not a big issue as there are diverse relief options available to get rid of from back ache. Relief options available including muscle relaxant depend on the severity level and the financial capability if the individual.

Low back ache is identified as the oldest job-related health issue in the past and this is a very popular work related complain coming from adults. Due to this back ache problem roughly around 15 million individuals visit the general physicians every year. Approximately about $25 billion of a cost required to spend annually in order to treat this back ache problem. As a result of this muscle relaxant industries and back pain reliefs are raising in leaps and bounds.

Millions of individuals around the world are suffering from low back pain which is a skeletal and muscular sickness. More than the individuals who are involve in white collar jobs, blue collar job workers who are involving with heavy manual jobs are prone to this low back pain problem. Mainly the workers who are working in the construction field easily get affected with low back ache distress. This heath issue results high absenteeism in work and it leads to productivity drop off. The worst aspect of this back ache issue is it may lead to various other critical health issues.     

Use the below mentioned symptoms to identify what sort of a severity level you hold with your back pain.  

If the back pain lasts for

  • 2 – 6 weeks it’s in acute condition
  • 6 – 12 weeks it’s in sub-acute condition
  • over 12 weeks it’s in chronic condition

By now this low back pain is not considered to be a very serious problem, because there are enough types of treatments available to heal this ache in which ever the severity.  Muscle relaxant is identified as one of the finest ways to bring relief from back ache. With use of this muscle relaxant one can experience the relief so instantly. Any way before you use any product or go for any treatment option consulting your doctor is paramount. 


The affected individuals can follow few of the following remedies too in order to obtain a relief from the back ache.

  • Avoid bed rest as much as possible.
  • While involving with usual activities refrain from sudden bending and turning. 
  • Get a massage
  • Biofeedback
  • Injections direct to the back
  • Corsets and Back Belts
  • acupuncture
  • Traction treatments
  • Obtain treatments from a specialized doctor
  • Use of pain killers
  • Spinal treatments
  • For 5 to 10 minutes use of cold packs or heating pads on the painful area.


Back pain may cause due to many reasons. Lifting heavy loads, sudden bends and falls, despite of these family problems, stress at work and any distressing situations too may be the causes for back aches.