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CBD Pain Relief

CBD can be used as a supplement to help manage neuropathic pain, alongside other natural supplements such as magnesium glycinate.

On the bright side, CBD is good at calming inflammation, no matter what the root cause. The anti-inflammatory mechanism of cannabidiol is unique to cannabis.

CBD products may reduce back pain or chronic back pain. Helping with sleep at night. For those concerned about the psychoactive effects of THC, they may find some relief for their sciatica by taking CBD which as anti-inflammatory properties. CBD may help to reduce pain by reducing inflammation at the site of the injury.

New findings suggest that CBD may have protective effects on the inner cell lining of intervertebral discs. This recent rat study showed that the anti‑inflammatory, anti‑oxidative, and anti‑apoptosis properties of cannabidiol may contribute to CBD’s insulating effects on herniated disk cells

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