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Long Lasting Topical CBD Exact Patch for Fast Pain Relief

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Exact Patch is a topical pain relief solution for inflamed muscles, joints and tendons. Combined with Complete Choice CBD, Exact Patch delivers the long-lasting pain relief you are looking for. This product works well when used in conjunction with all exogen products.

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Transdermal patches offer a new and unique way to consume cannabis outside the usual edibles, flower, and vape pens. With their immediate infusion into the bloodstream, they’re a convenient and quick option to address your THC or CBD needs—all you have to do is unwrap, stick, and you’re set.

To make cannabis pain patches, an adhesive patch similar to a bandage is infused with cannabis oils or isolates. Theoretically, cannabis pain relief patches work by delivering a slow release of cannabinoid medications through the skin and into capillaries that allow the medicines to enter the bloodstream.

Place the patch, sticky side down, onto the clean area of skin. Using the palm of your hand, press down on the patch to make sure the patch is firmly attached to your skin. Based on body composition, metabolism, cannabis use and level of pain, the patch should last approximately 8-12 hours.

The patches take several hours to take effect while the oral CBD applications work faster. It takes about 5 days for fentanyl to be completely eliminated from your system with either of these formulations after you stop using it.


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