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The Pain Relief Device HeatLux Pro II FDA Approved for OTC

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Silk’n Therapy is the ONLY FDA cleared home use device that brings together all three energy sources for the best results. Successfully fights sports injuries, various trauma injuries, chronic pain and more. Kit includes gel for conductivity between the treatment area and the Silk’n Therapy device.


The Pain Killer Device HeatLux Pro II uses specific wavelengths and bipolar RF to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and increase blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the inflicted area. The deep heating creates an optimal healing environment that accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, muscle aches, stiffness and pain. The therapeutic effects may also include muscle relaxation and an improved range of motion.

It’s an excellent solution for a wide range of injuries and conditions including sports and exercise injuries, acute pain and trauma, chronic or ongoing pain and everyday aches.*


  • Synergy of 3 energy sources for maximum relief
  • The only device that penetrates deep into the body
  • Controlled temperature on the epidermis and into the body – for comfort and safety

How to use:

This system is a hand held device that emits energy in the form of near InfraRed light and radio frequency wavelengths. It provides heating to the skin – the treatment surface touches the skin – in order to increase tissue temperature and increasing local blood circulation, so to relief and relax minor muscular and joint/arthritis pain and stiffness.
The heating – 41 degrees – is a little more than the human body temperature.

FDA certificate for Heatlux pain relief device.

Doctor Review for Heatlux Pain Relief Device