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Hemp Extract Tincture (1000mg CBD) | Made By Hemp

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This extra strength tincture is made focusing on the highest quality hemp and processes in a state of the art lab right in Michigan. Made by the best to help you achieve your wellness goals. This is a full spectrum tincture and contains no artificial or unnatural ingredients. Made with domestically grown industrial hemp, this all natural product contains less than 0.3% THC and will not cause any intoxicating effects.



Made by Hemp – Hemp Extract Tincture 1,000mg.

The Made By Hemp tinctures are full spectrum and contain no artificial flavors or unnatural ingredients. They are formulated with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids derived from domestically grown industrial hemp. Keeping our products all natural is important to us, so we only use the best natural flavors and test all of the raw materials before and after we add them into the product.

Each bottle contains 1000 mg of full spectrum CBD extract to help you reach your wellness goals quicker. Just place a few drops under your tongue, hold for a minute or so and swallow.


If you have ever tasted hemp extract before, you know it tastes similar to grass and dirt. Which is not enjoyable. At Made By Hemp, we believe we can truly have our cake and eat it too. Meaning, we don’t think you should have to suffer through a horrible tasting product, just to get a daily serving of hemp.

So we’ve created these delicious flavors so they can be enjoyed by themselves or in your favorite food or beverage!

  • Strawberry Créme
  • Mojito Lime
  • French Vanilla

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French Vanilla, Mojito Lime, Strawberry Creme