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Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain Relief Detensor Queen Size

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Therapeutic (curative) mattress for night sleep Detensor 18 cm – was created on the basis of the Detensor principle of therapy and the experience gained in the safe stretching of the spine and muscle relaxation.

The main task of the mattress is the restoration and relaxation of the human body during sleep, especially if the body is complicated by problems of the musculoskeletal system.

The mattress is divided into 5 zones of different densities.
directly under the zones of the head, shoulder girdle, back, pelvis, hips, lower leg and foot, providing the greatest comfort during sleep and rest.

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Detensor Back Pain Relief Medical Grade Mattress Queen Size Designed for Passive Long-Term Traction Treatment of The Spinal Column and Discs.

Prevents and Cure Scoliosis and Bed Sores Sale!!!

The Recumbency Orthosis Detensor Mattress 5 % is for the sleep during the night. Due to the optimal adaptation to the contours of the body, a special lying-comfort can be achieved. By means of the high elasticity and the excellent adaption, a neutral position of the spine can be reached.

Soft and elastic ribs of the mattress are practically not felt, nevertheless, up to 5% of the body weight is provided on the mattress (depending on the position: by 5%, in the position on the stomach, on the side – 1-4%). In a horizontal position, the spine is stretched, which increases the distance between the individual vertebrae. Under these conditions, intervertebral discs get the opportunity to receive fluid with the necessary substances in larger quantities and have enough space to replenish their volume. This contributes to the regeneration of damaged discs and regression of existing prolapse. Vertebrae displaced by spasmodic muscles return from their normal position. Due to the effect of stretching, tense muscles get a deep discharge, a new muscle stereotype is gradually formed, which leads to a persistent improvement in the condition of the spine.

The shape of the ribs and the features of the Detensor cover provide a comfortable sleep in summer and winter due to the distribution of temperature and humidity.

The fabric from which the Detensor cover is made is covered with silver nano-particles, which prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria, ticks, prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors, protects the mattress from various types of mold and increases the service life of textiles.

The Detensor mattress is based on highly elastic and low-porous polyurethane foam, which ensures a long service life of the product – up to 30 years (up to 10950 days) under continuous use.

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Standard Queen size and mattress thickness 7,1″