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LumbaRest Non-Invasive Naturopathic Spinal Traction System LTM-20


The therapeutic mat “LumbaRest ” provides the greatest spinal traction force. Designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is used for intensive treatment of the spine, both in medical and at home. Subject to the correct technique for carrying out the procedure on a therapeutic mat, the traction force can reach from 18% to 22% of body weight.

When the patient laying on the mat, optimally directed traction forces are formed, strictly depending on the weight (mass) of the patient’s body, which together leads to unloading of the kinematic system of the spine, and since the traction force depends on the body weight, it is always individual for each patient. As a result of this important feature, over-strain of the ligaments and muscles, and, consequently, possible injuries, is prevented, unlike other devices and systems used to stretch the spine (“dry” traction, Glisson loop, tables with loops, underwater traction, etc.).


LumbaRest mat LTM-18 Application for Spinal Traction

In the phase of current sharp pain (e.g. in the event of a lumbago):

  • In the 1st week: every 3 hours at least 45 – 60 minutes – three to four times a day
  • In the 2nd week: two to three times a day
  • In the 3rd and 4th week: twice a day, at noon (approx. 12/1 p.m.) and in the evening before going to bed
  • After that, therapy should take place for 60 minutes every day.

The best time is in the evening before going to bed, because during the night’s rest there is very little strain, the elasticity and regeneration can be maintained until you get up in the morning. Traction procedure in the evening is therefore more effective.

Use the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest only on your back and on a firm surface, preferably on the floor. If it is no longer possible to get up from the floor, the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest can also be placed on the bed. However, a board should be placed under the back of the lying traction therapy mat. The dimensions of the board should best be in the dimensions of the lying traction therapy mat.

Always use the functional lower leg support (FUS) that is part of the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest, because other too hard supports can lead to vascular congestion. – It is NOT appropriate to underlie the mat with pillows or cushions.

At the beginning of therapy, pain-like conditions can sometimes occur due to traction (and the muscles that move as a result), which usually subside after a short time.

With the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest , the optimal ventilation function is guaranteed by the spaces between the ribs (slats), which is why it is important to cover yourself with a blanket or a sheet.

Wear light, elastic clothing (e.g. jogging suit) while lying down. The maximum achievable traction or stretching force can be guaranteed by using the unwinding or laying down technique on the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest .

If the spine is stiffened, the Lumbar traction mat LumbaRest should be used for treatment at the earliest 6 months after the surgical intervention and ONLY under the supervision of a therapist.