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Thin Mattress / Mattress Topper Economical Fibrotop Bed Sores Prevention.

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An economical solution to many problems associated with uncomfortable sleep. Installed on top of an existing mattress. When applied to a sofa bed or spring mattress eliminates discomfort, you have a good night’s sleep and treat your back while you sleep.

Irreplaceable luck for bed patients! The Fibrotop Detector is a reliable prevention of pressure sores. And if God forbid they already are, then he will help to cure them.

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An ideal cost-effective solution for those who sleep on a sofa bed or on a bad mattress.

Also the best mattress option that prevents the formation of pressure sores and healing bedsores.

Soft and elastic ribs of the mattress are practically not felt, nevertheless, up to 5% of the body weight is provided on the mattress (depending on the position: by 5%, in the position on the stomach, on the side – 1-4%).

In a horizontal position, the spine is stretched, which increases the distance between the individual vertebrae. Under these conditions, intervertebral discs get the opportunity to receive fluid with the necessary substances in larger quantities and have enough space to replenish their volume. This contributes to the regeneration of damaged discs and regression of existing prolapse. Vertebrae displaced by spasmodic muscles return from their normal position. Due to the effect of stretching, tense muscles get a deep discharge, a new muscle stereotype is gradually formed, which leads to a persistent improvement in the condition of the spine.

Size: Twin

Thickness: 4.5″

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