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Vertical Spine Support Cushion for Chair or Car Seat Detensor

Original price was: $198.00.Current price is: $157.00.

The spinal cushion for passive unloading of the spine in a sitting position with the Detensor system is intended for prophylaxis, as well as for the complex treatment of diseases of the lumbar and thoracic spine, radiculitis, scoliosis, muscle strain, pain in the back.

Vertical Spine Support Cushion for Chair or Car Seat Detensor benefits: Reduces the load from the spine and intervertebral discs by 2 times the body weight;  Relaxes back muscles; Reduces fatigue; Corrects posture in adults and children; Smoothes out rough roads; Increases efficiency; Prevention of back pain.

Use in the car: The rib construction and the resulting contact pressure create a relief force. This is a crucial advantage when driving for hours. Bumps caused by bumps in the road are cushioned and the upper body is returned to its original position after each bump.

The Detensor orthopedic back support cushion has universal size and rigidity and does not require special selection. Size 13″ x 20″ x 3″.

Package includes: Pillow, cover with a strap for fixing, a plastic bag, box, instructions for use, product documents.